First View of the new Champion?

Hello, fellow summoners!  Riot has dropped something small yet juicy on the official League of Legends Instagram page!  As you all know, Riot has been focusing on champions they feel are not up to par with current champions like Sylas, Neeko, and Pyke while also pumping out new champions every now and then.   Now with all the big reworks out of the way, Riot is back to pushing out these new champions.  The only thing we know about this one is it indeed an assassin and they’re able to use all the elements to aid them in combat

The Instagram post is simple and really has us wondering what kind of champion is this going to be.   Lucky for us, we’ll know tomorrow morning.  The post has a shield looking object with a bird symbol on it that reminds me of Azir.  The shield splits in half with a ray of light.  The caption says “It was my light that did this”.  The only odd thing about this is that throws me off is that this new champion also comes from a new region.  Somewhere hidden from the rest of the world and from the summoners until now.

Who knows what kind of champion this is going to be.  New champion from a new region.  I doubt we’ll see em in MSI but who knows when it comes to League of Legends.  Maybe this is just a teaser for a new skin or event? What do you think it is?


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