Riot gives us a little Yummi tease on Instagram and she sounds adorable!

So earlier this week the most adorable, Yummi, got leaked.  After all the Smash Bros leaks and Pokemon leaks, it’s safe to say the gaming industry has can’t hide anything from their friends.  This doesn’t mean we’re still not hyped though.  Not much has been leaked about Yummi but it did force Riot to push her out a bit early.  Our next new champion was supposed to be a new AD assassin but instead, we get an incredibly adorable kitten looking Yordle.  Don’t know if this is better or not but guess that’s just another glitch in our universe.



We didn’t get any information on moves or passives.  We got her conversating with her spell book.  This book seems to be what makes her powerful and is her guide.  From what we from this little glimpse is a few core things to this character.  First is that wherever she’s from, she can’t go back.  This could mean Bandle City but even Teemo is allowed there so I doubt that’s what she’s referring to.  Second is that we know she’s also looking for her master.  Maybe her master is already a champion in the game.  It’s obviously Pretty Kitty Rengar.  C’mon Riot! That was a no brainer.  She also mentions she loves big fish.  She’s gonna have a field day when she meets Tahm Kench.  Last but not least is that she loves danger.  Must be strong to be so confident.

I’m excited to see what kind of kit and lore she has.  She’s definitely not what we expected.  Haven’t seen a new Yordle champion in quite some time.  Our most recent champions have been human-like and not as bubbly.  Love this fresh breathe of fresh air after the announcement of the Lux Marvel comics coming out.


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