Velocity Esports Week 4 Predictions

For the very first time in Overwatch League History, regulation games will not be held at the Blizzard Arena in Burbank, California! The honor of hosting the first regulation games outside of California goes to Dallas, Texas and the Allen Event Center which will host Stage 2, Week 4’s games. Only 8 teams will be making their way to Texas as this is probably more of a trial run than anything else, but it is exciting nonetheless. We are going to get our first view at how home games may be run going into Season 3 when every team is expected to have their own home stadium. Here are Velocity Esports’ predictions on how the week’s games will play out.


Match 1 Paris Eternal vs London Spitfire: London 3-1

Match 2 Hangzhou Spark vs Chengdu Hunters: Chengdu 3-1

               The Spark have finally started to show some sings of life this stage with wins against the Boston Uprising and Guangzhou Charge.  However, while they sit even on the stage at 2-2, their map differential is a dismal -4. On the other side, the Chengdu Hunters maintain the same overall record, but have a map differential of +2. Chengdu have proven multiple times that they are not a team to underestimate and have real potential at making stage playoffs whether in this stage or in another. Chengdu have shown that they can push even some of the best teams in the League to the very brink and even take down some of the better teams. Unfortunately, Hangzhou’s most impressive wins thus far have been against a struggling Boston and Los Angeles Gladiators. While these are 2 strong teams in their own rights, the wins against them came at weak times in their respective seasons and not when they have been at their best. With all this in mind, it stands to reason that Chengdu should be the favorite in this series.

Match 3 Houston Outlaws vs Seoul Dynasty: Seoul 4-0

Match 4 Los Angeles Valiant vs Dallas Fuel: Dallas 3-1

                The Los Angeles Valiant have a winning record thus far on the stage. That’s reason enough to be excited as a fan of the Valiant. The Dallas Fuel had a great start to the stage but tanked, hard, in week 3. Regardless, the Valiant’s wins this stage are against the Atlanta Reign who were in contention for worst team in the League at the start of the stage and the Washington Justice who are still in contention for worst team in the League, overall.  The Dallas Fuel on the other hand lost to Vancouver and Seoul last week which are tough teams for anyone to face. Dallas have shown us signs of brilliance this season and should still be seen as a serious competitor, regardless of how they fared last week.


Match 1 Hangzhou Spark vs Paris Eternal: Hangzhou 3-2

                There really isn’t much to say about this series. Both teams have been equally mediocre this season and when mediocrity collides, the series will be a close one. This series really could go either way but I give the edge to the Spark because the teams they have beaten this stage (Boston and Guangzhou) are more impressive than the teams that the Eternal have taken down (Guangzhou and Florida).

Match 2 Chengdu Hunters vs London Spitfire: London 3-1

                The Spitfire are finally showing shades of their former glory. They are undefeated on the stage and while they have not looked like the best GOATS team in the League, they have undoubtedly improved. Chengdu have struggled this season against strong GOATS teams and London should be a real challenge for them.

Match 3 Seoul Dynasty vs Los Angeles Valiant: Seoul 4-0

Match 4 Houston Outlaws vs Dallas Fuel: Dallas 4-0

                The first Battle for Texas of 2019 (and possible the only one)! Dallas has yet to win this series against the Outlaws, even back in Stage 4 of the inaugural season when Dallas was the stronger team. Regardless, the Outlaws have been having a rough season and an even rougher stage while the Fuel have maintained a relative status of “above average.” In addition, Dallas have been the undeniably stronger GOATS team, a composition which the Outlaws have shown a tendency to run in all cases save Control.


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