OWL Stage 2 Week 5 Wrap-Up

The final week of regulation play before the Stage 2 Playoffs and subsequent All-Star Break has ended. History was made, upsets happened, and 3 final teams have locked up their places in the stage playoffs. Here is the wrap-up of all the goodies that happened this week in the Overwatch League.


Dallas Fuel

               Dallas was the first team this week to lock up their spot in the stage playoffs. A win against the Florida Mayhem was all they needed to lock that spot up and they secured that win in the very first game of the week.

Shanghai Dragons

               With their win against the Washington Justice and Chengdu’s loss at the hands of the Los Angeles Valiant, the Shanghai Dragons became the second team to secure their spot in the stage playoffs. They did end up losing 0-4 to San Francisco later in the week, but that game had no impact on whether the Dragons would or would not make playoffs since Chengdu had lost their game.

Hangzhou Spark

               Hangzhou became the final team to secure a spot in the stage playoffs with their win against the Seoul Dynasty. Both Seoul and Hangzhou were battling for that last spot and the winner of their match was guaranteed the last spot and Hangzhou pulled out the 3-1 win and locked up that final spot. Oddly enough, Hangzhou finished the stage 5-2 but had a -1 map differential.

Atlanta Reign

               Atlanta proved that their win against the New York Excelsior two weeks earlier was not a fluke as they repeated the accomplishment again! Atlanta took down New York for the second time and have shown us that the Excelsior have cracks in their armor. It may be time to narrow down that Big 3 to a Big 2.

San Francisco Shock

               San Francisco had already secured their spot in the stage playoffs so their 2 wins this week really did not matter in the playoff run. What is impressive, however, is that the Shock have gone undefeated on the stage without dropping a single map! No losses, no draws, only wins. San Francisco have accomplished the feat being dubbed as the Golden Stage, going 7-0, +28.


Philadelphia Fusion

               Philadelphia fell to San Francisco and, in the process, lost their chance at making the stage playoffs. To be fair, it seems everyone loses to San Francisco as of late, but this loss kept them out of playoffs.

Chengdu Hunters

               Chengdu lost their match against the Los Angeles Valiant, a very beatable team, and simultaneously lost their chance at stage playoffs.

New York Excelsior

               New York lost once again to the Atlanta Reign, leading me to wonder if New York is still the juggernaut of a team that they have shown us they can be. It’s possible Atlanta just has some edge over them in the same way that the Houston Outlaws had an edge over the London Spitfire in Season 1, but this loss still brings up questions about the strength of the Excelsior.

Houston Outlaws

               0-7 stage.

Florida Mayhem

               Also 0-7 stage.

Seoul Dynasty

               We all knew the Dynasty would lose their first match this week against the Vancouver Titans, so that was not surprising. What was unfortunate for the Dynasty is that, even though they lost to the Titans, they still had a shot at playoffs if they won their game against the Spark, which they did not.


Los Angeles Gladiators

               Lost against the Uprising but already had their spot in playoffs locked up.

London Spitfire

               Beat Houston in a game that had no impact on playoff implications for either team.

Los Angeles Valiant

               Beat Chengdu to eliminate them from playoff contention, but the result had no impact on whether the Valiant would or would not make playoffs.

Washington Justice

               Won their second game of the season by taking down the Uprising in a reverse sweep! This game had no impact on playoffs however. Also lost to the Dragons, keeping Shanghai’s playoff hopes alive.

Vancouver Titans

               Beat Seoul. Vancouver beats everyone though.

Paris Eternal

               Lost to Toronto. This game had no playoff implications.

Toronto Defiant

               Beat Paris 4-0.

Guangzhou Charge

               Beat Houston 3-2 in a game that had no playoff implications.

Boston Uprising

               Beat the Los Angeles Gladiators who are a very strong team, but followed this up by losing to Washington, probably the second worst team in the League. Very confusing.


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